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We produce high quality dried products for our customers in the food industry, retail and foodservice.

Geothermiki Hellas

Geothermiki Hellas is a pioneer business that is active in the agricultural sector and deals with the dehydration and processing of the most exquisite fruits and vegetables on Greek land.

The company was founded in 1996 and has been constantly developing following the trends in the food market. Our facilities are located in the new Erasmio of the Prefecture of Xanthi in the Delta of the River Nestos in an area of special beauty (Natura 2000), with rich and fertile arable land.

In addition, this area is well known for its rich energy stocks in the form of geothermal energy. Guided by love and respect for the environment and natural resources, we use the geothermal energy of the area in a sustainable way for mild dehydration of agricultural products.

We offer our products to our customers who are active on all markets, from small retail to foodservice and industry.


Brief history

Geothermiki Hellas is the result of Nikos Kolios’s research concern, geologist and researcher specializing in geothermal energy and agricultural backgrounds held by the plain of Central Macedonia. Nikos Kolios and his team discovered many promising geothermal fields in the New Erasimo Xanthi and thought of using it for agricultural applications, thus creating Geothermiki Hellas.


Initially, the company began to cultivate asparagus, setting up a geothermal network under the field, leading to asparagus arriving maturity earlier. Business activity was going well and all production was exported to Germany, Europe’s largest market for eating fresh asparagus. However, the energy of the subsoil was used for the maximum of two months a year and the rest of the year remained unused. So extra uses had to be examined










Further experimentation and market research led to the second operation of the business on 2000, that of drying, which then became the main operation of the business. As a result, we established a dehydration unit, with main focus on tomato, so in 2005 Geothermiki Hellas started a manufacturing operation. We began to work with other farmers in the area, as the self produced crops were not enough. But given that its main product, the sun -dried tomato, especially popular at that time, began to lose its shine in the coming years, the company started the dehydration of other fruits and vegetables.


The entrance of the younger generation in the business brought fresh ideas and began the opening to new products. Since 2018, Geothermiki Hellas has entered a growth cycle with continuous investment in mechanical equipment and constantly introducing new codes into its range of products.

Corporate social responsibility

We perceive corporate social responsibility as the sense of responsibility our company assumes to the community and the environment in which it operates. Geothermiki Hellas is committed to constantly improving the living conditions of its employees and to accept the burden of intervention on particularly sensitive issues by choosing to have part of the resources it manages and for the benefit of the local community.

At the same time, our concern is to ensure a safe and healthy work environment that respects staff rights and does not support discrimination.


Ensuring quality and hygiene food

Our production plant is certified according to ISO 22,000: 2018. As part of the ISO certification, the company has studied and hosted the HACCP that it implements thoroughly so that the quality and hygiene of its products always remain at hight level.

We invest daily in compliance with the quality policy we apply. Selected raw materials and packaging materials, clean facilities, which meet strict hygiene and safety rules, modern equipment and trained human resources ensure the highest quality of products while at the same time ensuring environmental protection.





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Our route in time


Establishment of the company

The main purpose of the company is to exploit the area's geothermal field for the pre maturing of asparagus in low coverage


Start of drying of fruits and vegables

The company installs its first industrial dryer and begins the dehydration of tomato in half for the production of dried tomato.


Expansion with two new drying plants

The production capacity of the business is increasing with two new tunnel dryers as the demand for dried tomato is increasing.


Investment in mechanical equipment to extend our production range

With the installation of new equipment, the company extends to more products and now offers a complete palette of dried products.

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