We dehydrate our products at a low temperature and patiently wait 30-40 hours for the completion of each production cycle.

ecological products from geothermiki hellas

Our customers rest assured that the products they choose have been produced using methods that protect the environment through sustainable production. A key priority for us is the sustainable exploitation of the region’s energy resources as well as natural development that goes hand in hand with the local community.

The fruits and vegetables that are processed in our facilities come from all over Greece, from those areas where people have in depth knowledge of their cultivation. For example, olives come from Kalamata, oranges from Argos, garlic from Nea Vyssa Orestiada and sweet peppers from the Delta of Nestos.
We have good knowledge of the agricultural production of our country and the modern production methods of the dehydrated products. This is how we produce quality products with a rich taste and intense aroma that are used in all kinds of food preparations or consumed directly.
The most important market for us is the food industry, where we provide solutions to dozens of companies in the food sector by offering quality raw materials for their preparations.


bulk products

Our bulk products are available, among others, in airtight packages of five (5) kilos and are mainly aimed to industrial production. They are distributed in boxes or pallets according to the needs of each customer.

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packaged products

Our products are packaged in retail packaging and professional foodservice packaging. For the distribution of the products we work directly with the final points of sale or with partner wholesalers.

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